Aracati wind farm in Brazil

Aracati wind farm in Brazil
Poli T EV / MP Turbosol for the Aracati wind farm in Brazil
Poli T EV / MP Turbosol, worm type plastering machine for ready mixed plasters and common and special mortars has being used successfully at a wind farm of Aracati (BR).
The wind farm extends over 60 km with 11 turbines with a capacity of 23,1 MW. In this site, the main operational difficulties are due to the demanding environmental conditions that often force to stop the work because of sudden downpour and strong wind guts.
The large concrete towers supporting the wind turbines needed the application of a special mortar, in a constantly controlled temperature range in order to ensure the maximum efficiency.
Poli T EV / MP has been used continuously with uninterrupted work cycles, and in 4 days it pumped and applied over 45 tons of mortar, allowing to finish the work on time.​
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