Mini Avant: power, security, reduced maintenance

Turbosol Mini Avant

Mini Avant: power, security, reduced maintenance

Thanks to the exclusive pump assembly, Mini Avant provides a uniform and continuous spraying of the materials.
When opening the vibrating sieve as well as when opening the canopy, all the moving parts shutdown automatically.
Just two grease points and smooth and linear surfaces to simplify the cleaning of the hopper and the pump group.

All Mini Avant models are equipped with:
- Piston pump with gravity ball valves
- Sieve with 8 mm mesh
- Electric vibrator
- Double speed mechanical gearbox
- Built-in air compressor
- Pneumatic on/off remote control
- Delivery manifold with pressure gauge
- 30 m (20+10) mortar hose Ø 35 mm with cam-lock couplings
- 33 m air hose Ø 8 mm with quick couplings
- Manual grease pump
- Accessory box with spray gun and set of nozzles

Mini Avant VARIO has an electronic device to change the output, with regulation between 2 and 30 liters per minute, while Mini Avant G is equipped with a 3,3 kW- 4,0 HP Honda gasoline engine, with jerk ignition.

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