Turbosol Mini Avant. The evolution of the species.

Turbosol Mini Avant. The evolution of the species.
Born to pump in 1995, Mini Avant, the single piston pump for common and special mortars from Turbosol, quickly established itself amongst the most reliable and easy to handle equipment in the building industry.
More than 20 years of evolution means four different versions: Single-Phase, Three-Phase, Vario (with electronic device for variable output) and G (with Honda engine).
Mini Avant is used for spraying thick coat traditional renders, pumping common and ready-mixed mortars, applying renovating plasters, concrete repair mortars and pumping self-levelling floor screeds.
Equipped with special kit for ready-mixed materials, it can also be used to apply thick coat ready mixed plasters and lightweight insulating coatings. Mini Avant Vario, with electronic device for variable output, is the ideal partner for filling and pressure pointing jobs on open brickwork and prefabricated structures as well as injection of cementitious slurries at controlled pressure​.
Mini Avant: solid and reliable as its mechanics and its tradition, modern and powerful as required by present-days jobsites.
Published in News on 20th Feb 2017