Turbosol TB 30

Turbosol TB 30
Turbosol TB 30, the multipurpose stationary pump designed for pumping and spraying concrete (shotcrete), on display from 10-12 November at GIC 2016 - Giornate Italiane del Calcestruzzo, in Piacenza, at Dalecom srl booth. Powerful, compact, reliable, conceived for the most demanding job sites, it is available in pumping version with a concrete grid and rubber and steel hoses Ø 125; and also in shotcrete version with vibrating sieve, hoses Ø 50 and shotcrete gun Ø 50.
GIC - Giornate Italiane del Calcestruzzo
10-12 novembre 2016
Piacenza Expo
Via Tirotti, 11
Loc. Le Mose
29122 Piacenza PC
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