Turbosol BM30 in Etiopia

Turbosol BM30. 1200 working hours and still as new Turbosol BM 30, an ‘S’-valve variable output concrete pump at work in a construction site located in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia), with more than 1.200 working hours up to now. BM30 is designed for pumping and spraying concrete and it is able to pump up to 30 m3/h of material.   As you can see from the pictures, concrete is made with a crushed angular aggregate of large size and the Turbosol pump managed to convey it up to several floors of height, without any problem. The machine has been kept with utmost care: 1.200 working hours on site and still as new!   Soon BM 30s will run out of production and will be replaced with the new updated version, TB 30, which will grant even superior performances.    

Brochure of Turbosol TB30

The new brochure of Turbosol TB30, the stationary pump designed for pumping concrete and applying shotcrete, compact and reliable designed for heavy working conditions, is now available for downloa...


Transmat 27.45 DCB is a mixing and pumping pneumatic machine for large volume of screeds, equipped with diesel engine, built-in compressor, and loading bucket.