Worm pump for spraying finishing coats.

T7 EVO: worm pump for spraying finishing coats.
Compact and lightweight single-phase worm pump, It's extremely versatile.
- Spraying of all kind of coatings: decorative texture, protective, fireproofing, waterproofing, quartz plastic coatings, marmorino stucco and plaster.
- Applying cementitious glues for insulation panels.
- Applying protective coatings on reinforced concrete structures, channels and tanks.
- Concrete-asbestos removal jobs.
- Concrete repair jobs.
- Anchoring, sealing, pressure pointing and filling frames.
- Controlled pressure injection of cementitious slurries.
- Slab jacking.
Versatility and easy maintenance:
- T7 EVO helps you to complete small and large jobs faster and with profit.
- If fed by an automatic mixer, the machine can be easily run by a single opertator who can regulate the material flow directly from the application point.
- Thanks to its small dimensions, it is easy to clean and to maintain.

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