Turbosol Beton Master at Toulouse Place Esquirol

Toulouse (France) - Beton Master pumping concrete 2 levels underground (under the subway and an underground parking) in the central Place Esquirol at Toulouse.

Our Beton Master, 2-cylinder pump with S-valve and variable output for pumping concrete, micro-concrete, special concrete and for spraying concrete, was chosen because it is a reliable alternative solution to the common concrete mixers, especially in difficult working conditions.
In this case the machine was equipped with a washing sponge gasket for cleaning the hoses with the air-compressor. 

TB30 in Morocco

TB30 multipurpose stationary pump from Turbosol working on site in Morocco. Delivered last February to Maroc Trading, our sole agent in the country, TB30 has proudly granted the best performanc...