Trailer-mounted machine for large amount of self-levelling jobs

PRO H CL is a powerful, efficient and reliable pump for conveying large volumes of mixtures. Thanks to the special hydraulic circuit with variable displacement pump, the machine is able to save up to one liter of fuel per hour. Usually fed by concrete batching plant or truck mixer. 
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- Self-levelling floor screeds based on anhydrite or cement
- Foam concrete
- Grouts
- Cementitious mortars
- Micro-concrete

Technical advantages

- Centralized greasing point to easy and daily maintenance
- Electric vibrator on the sieve to give smoother material feed into the hopper
- Large hopper for filling from truck mixers or batching plants
- User safety: automatic shutdown of the mixer when vibrating sieve is lifted, sensors to protect the engine and the hydraulic circuit, low sound levels and gas exhausts diesel engine and emergency push button

Technical data





Electric motor/ diesel engine 11 kW - 400 V (electric) KDW 1404 Kohler – 18,8 kW liquid cooled  - Stage V
Worm pump 60.12 60.12 (60.12 plus)
Infinitely adjustable output [*] 0 ÷ 180 l/min  0 ÷ 240 l/min (0 ÷ 300 l/min)
Max. aggregate size  8/10 mm 8/10 mm (14/16 mm )
Max. working pressure  20 bar  20 bar (15 bar) 
Hopper capacity  200 l 200 l
Delivery distance [*] 100 m 100 m
Delivery height [*] 60 m 60 m (50 m)
Filling height 86 cm 86 cm
Delivery manifold Ø 50 mm Ø 50 mm
Chassis unbraked for road use unbraked for road use
Size (L x W x H)  308 (363[#]) x 141 x 117 cm 308 (363[#]) x 141 x 117 cm
Weight 600 kg <750 kg
[*] The data indicated are theoretical and depend on the quality and consistency of the materials to be used wear and tear of the pump and the diameter of the hoses. The performance in distance and height can not be reached simultaneously.
[#] In towing position.


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