Hydraulic worm plastering machine for ready-mixed and traditional plasters

T20X is a state of the art plastering machine equipped with worm pump, lifting mixer and closed-loop hydraulic circuit for mixing, pumping, spraying and injecting common, ready-mixed, insulating and special mortars. 
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- Traditional site mixes and premixed dry mortars
- Insulating and fireproofing mortars
- Thixotropic mortars
- Monocoat mortars
- Rendering
- Concrete repair
- Micropiling
- Casting restoration
- Grouting
- Self-levelling floor screeds

Technical comfort

- New design, large lifting mixer with low filling height, great capacity hopper, support foot and special double layer hood
- Powerful and long-lasting 3-cylinder diesel engine
- New sound insulation for extremely quiet operations
- Electromechanical, user-friendly control panel and protection flap
- Hydraulic circuit with variable displacement pump that guarantees high performance and fuel savings
- Easy exchangeable pump groups (2L6, T25, 60.12 and 2L7) depending on the job to be performed

Technical data




Liquid cooled diesel engine 3-cylinder Kubota D1105 - 16,3 Kw - 2600 rpm (stage V)
Worm pump 2L6 (T25)
Infinitely adjustable output [*] 0 ÷ 55 l/min (6 ÷ 70 l/m)
Max. aggregate size  6 mm 4 ÷ 6 mm (8 ÷ 10 mm)
Max. working pressure  40 bar (30 bar)
Compressor 2-cylinder compressor 400 l/m, 7 bar
Hopper capacity  250 l
Hydraulic lifting mixer capacity 240 l
Delivery distance [*] up to 100 m (up to 80 m)
Delivery height [*] up to 60 m (up to 40 m)
Filling height 85 cm
Delivery manifold Ø 50 mm
Chassis Unbraked for road use
Size (L x W x H)  283 (320**) x 148 x 121 cm
Weight 746 kg
* The data indicated are theoretical and depend on the quality and consistency of the materials to be used wear and tear of the pump and the diameter of the hoses. The performance in distance and height can not be reached simultaneously.
[**] In towing position.


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