UNI 30

Single piston machine for applying common, structural and special mortars 

UNI 30 is the most powerful single piston pump with ball valves available in the market. Widely tested in many different conditions all arund the world, it is extremely strong and reliable for any sort of civil and industrial work. Ideal even for the most difficult site mixes up to 8/10 mm aggregate size. UNI 30 isn't an ordinary pump, it is a Turbosol machine that has made history: more than 10.000 sold all over in the world. It’s also available with built-in paddle type mixer (MF version).
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- Spraying of traditional site mixes and many kind of pre-blended mortars
- Plastering jobs
- Pumping common or ready-mixed mortars, self-levelling screeds, micro-concrete, slurries and grouts
- Injection, stabilization, grouting
- Spraying on 3D panels
- Structural repair
- Structural strengthening 
- Shoring of slopes
- Shotcreting


- Thanks to its high quality components and its service friendly construction, UNI 30 stands out with long service life, competitive price and long lasting commercial value
- Extremely low ware and tare: more than 40.000 m2 with one piston 

Technical data




Motor / engine electric motor 5,5 kW - 400 V / 50 Hz  2-cylinder diesel engine 10,5 kW - 14,3 HP 
Theoretical output [*] 30 ÷ 50 l/min  30 ÷ 50 l/min
Max. aggregate size  8-10 mm (pumping) / 6-7 mm (spraying)  8-10 mm (pumping) /  6-7 mm (spraying) 
Max. working pressure  45 bar 45 bar
Compressor 270 l/min 270 l/min
Hopper capacity  190 l 190 l
Delivery distance [*] up to 300 m up to 300 m
Delivery height [*] up to 100 m up to 100 m
Filling height 75 cm 75 cm
Delivery manifold Ø 50 mm Ø 50 mm
Chassis articulated drawbar and pneumatic wheels articulated drawbar and pneumatic wheels
Size (L x W x H)  200 x 148 x 120 cm (150 cm with fixed mixer)  200 x 148 x 120 cm (150 cm with fixed mixer) 
Weight 660 kg 790 kg
Paddle type mortar mixer (optional)    
Mixer drive 1,5 kW - 400 V / 50 Hz  -
Pan mixer capacity 180 l 180 l
[*] The data indicated are theoretical and depend on the quality and consistency of the materials to be used wear and tear of the pump and the diameter of the hoses. The performance in distance and height can not be reached simultaneously.


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