Hydraulic worm pump for large volumes of materials

PRO H CLB offers great performance for two uses: pumping large volumes of admixtures and casting and spraying shotcrete with a maximum output of 9 cubic meters/hour and with maximum aggregate size of 16-18 mm. 
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- Self-levelling floor screeds
- Grouts
- Micro-concrete
- Shotcrete

Technical confort

- One single centralized greasing point for an easy and daily maintenance.
- Electric vibrator on the sieve providing a regular material feed into the hopper.
- Large hopper facilitating the filling from truck mixers or batching plants.
- Central lifting eye.
- User safety: automatic shutdown of the mixer when vibrating sieve is lifted, sensors to protect the engine and the hydraulic circuit, low sound levels and gas exhausts diesel engine.

Technical data




Liquid cooled diesel engine KDW 1404 Kohler – 18,8 kW  - Stage V
Worm pump L8.2
Infinitely adjustable output [*] 0 ÷ 150 l/min 
Max. aggregate size  18 mm  pumping / 12 mm spraying
Max. working pressure  20 bar 
Hopper capacity  200 l
Delivery distance [*] 100 m
Delivery height [*] 60 m 
Filling height 86 cm
Delivery manifold Ø 75 - 50 mm
Chassis elastic axle, tow-bar with ball hook, lights
Size (L x W x H)  318 (363 ** x 141 x 117 cm
Weight <750 kg
[*] The data indicated are theoretical and depend on the quality and consistency of the materials to be used wear and tear of the pump and the diameter of the hoses. The performance in distance and height can not be reached simultaneously.
[**] In towing position.


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