TB 30

Powerful, compact and reliable designed for heavy working conditions

TB 30 is the new Turbosol stationary pump designed for pumping concrete, applying shotcrete and much more...
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- Pumping up to 35 mm of concrete 
- Grout
- Self-levelling floor screeds
- Land reinforcement
- Micro-piles, pressurized injection of mortars and slurries
- Compaction grouting
- Shotcrete works

Technical comfort

- The practical doors on the canopy and the new construction concept make maintenance and control operations quick and easy
- Tubolar chassis including water, oil and diesel tanks
- Central single lifting eye
- Discharge door hydraulically operated for fast cleaning operations
- Components generously dimensioned
- Fully hydraulic controls
- New internal setup concept
- Compact design
- New hopper-valve-agitator design ideal even for harsh concrete


Pumping version with steel pipes and rubber hoses 
Shotcrete version with rubber hose and shotcrete gun

Pumping version


Shotcrete version

Technical data




Liquid cooled diesel engine Yanmar 4TNV88C - DYI2D - 4 cylinder - 35,5 kW - 48,3 HP (EU Stage V)
  Yanmar 4TNV88 - 4 cylinder - 36,4 kW - 49,5 HP (Stage IIIA)
Electric motor (upon request) 30 kW – 400 V 50 Hz
Infinitely adjustable output [*]  from 4 to 30 m3/h 
Max. aggregate size  35 mm
Max. working pressure  80 bar 
Pumping cylinders Ø 200 mm stroke of 570 mm
Drive cylinder diameter 100/56
Max. strokes  28/min
Delivery collector Ø 150 mm
Hopper capacity  300 l
Delivery distance [*]  200 m
Delivery height [*]  100 m 
Filling height 135 cm
Chassis Manual drawbar - fixed axle and pneumatic wheels
On-road towing - with brakes and suspension approved for road use
Size (L x W x H)  330 x 175 x 165 cm / 455 x 185 x 190 cm [#1] 
Weight (draw-bar) 2.250 kg
Weight (on-road towing set up)  2.500 kg 
[*]  The data indicated are theoretical and depend on the quality and consistency of the materials to be used wear and tear of the pump and the diameter of the hoses. The performance in distance and height can not be reached simultaneously.
[#1] With on road towing set up


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